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“We, us, and our refer to the entity iDesign Technologies™. “You and your” refer to Clients or the Client.


Some iDesign Technologies™ projects will require us to outsource on a contractual basis. iDesign Technologies™ is responsible for all services that are handled by and between our artists, designers and affiliated partners on a contractual basis. Services maintained outside of iDesign Technologies™, such as services referred by us or are not contracted with us or under our contractual arrangement will not be the responsibility of iDesign Technologies™. iDesign Technologies™ disclaims all warranties, express or implied, regarding any products produced by a third party in any loose arrangement as a result of its association with iDesign Technologies™ or any of its artists, designers or affiliated partners.


A nonrefundable deposit is required on all projects. Although we design and produce professional quality results, all of our products are quality checked to ensure that they are adequately produced and properly packaged to the best of our ability and to customer satisfaction. It is possible for products to become defective as a result of mishandling during shipping or lost, delayed or damaged as a result of shipping and under these undesirable circumstances, we will work diligently to resolve such inconveniences.


The website does not endorse or assume responsibility or any liability from the content, products, or services of guest authors, content providers, outside links, alliances or related outside sources participating with this site. The contents of this site are routinely maintained and updated. However, we do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the content of this site. Changes may be periodically added to the information herein.




All rights are exclusively reserved. Users of this site may not use iDesign Technologies™ trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, or other commercial or product designations for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of iDesign Technologies™.


It is safe to assume that everything on the iDesgn Technologies™ website is copyrighted. iDesign Technologies™ neither warrants nor represents that your use of the content displayed on this site will not infringe rights of third parties. Copyright is deemed to protect the creativity and ownership of iDesgn Technologies™ and third-parties. All language, images, photographs, graphical art and design elements on this site are either owned by or permission granted to iDesign Technologies™. Therefore, duplication or use of the language, images, photographs, graphical art and design elements is strictly prohibited. Expressed written permission for use of any part of this site is required.


You have permission to access site links and download accessible order forms, comment forms, and information available for the explicit purpose of record keeping as a result of an inquiry or purchase from iDesign Technologies™ or an advertised activity as indicated on this site. You may not, however, distribute, modify or transmit, use or reuse any of the content on this site that is authorized by iDesign Technologies™ or any third party without the written consent of iDesign Technologies™ or  any third party that iDesign Technologies™ deems necessary.



There are certain instances on this site where iDesign Technologies™ requires personal information, such as order and inquiry forms. This requested information is used for internal purposes only, and is not shared, published or sold to sources outside of this establishment.


Information gathered on catalogue requests, order and inquiry forms is used to satisfy your requests as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you choose to withhold required information, it may lengthen the time to respond to a request.


If you choose the option to receive information on iDesign Technologies™ products or services, your personal information is stored temporarily on a secured server solely for the purpose of satisfying your request/s. After your request/s has/have been satisfied, your personal information is discarded.


For additional information regarding this disclaimer, please contact iDesign Technologies™.


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